MCC Publications

Middle States Brief

By Ron Goldfarb
Middle States Steering Committee Co-Chair

Now that we’ve come through spring break and (we hope) the last of the rain and snow storms, our thoughts naturally turn to Middle States and the Self-Study Process.

As you’ve heard before, there will be an Open Forum on April 19th from 4-6:00 pm in CC 319-321. The purpose will be to allow the College community to provide input about a number of the Work Group reports that will then be in their second version. In connection with the Open Forum, and as an ongoing presence, there will soon be a Middle States website where you can review reports and send comments to the Steering Committee.

As the spring semester draws to a close in May, the Work Groups will be considering the comments received and finalizing their reports. While there will certainly be changes and additions to the reports, the first draft of the Self-Study will be in preparation through the summer and additional Open Forums will be scheduled to allow for further comments.

About a year from now the visiting team from Middle States will be leaving our campus. Your participation in the process will help to ensure a successful outcome.