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Literacy Lives!

A90I2235-2The education honor society held a literacy workshop for area children and their parents in March. About 80 kids enjoyed hearing stories and making crafts, led by MCC students, and listening to a reading by children’s author Josh Funk.

Nicole Gonzalez said her daughter came home feeling confident, enthused, and eager for next year’s program.

“The kindness of the honors students and their level of engagement with the children – a perfect balance of instructional and warm – really set her at ease and gave her the encouragement to raise her hand, engage, and participate,” Ms. Gonzalez said. “The warmth and engagement modeled by your students truly gave [my daughter] permission to feel comfortable to actively learn and that is, of course, a testament to the potential of these students as future educators.” At left, Juliana Alusik helps Massimo