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College Publications


Claire Condie of the Natural Sciences Department was a contributing author on a paper published in The Astrophysical Journal on March 10, 2018.
The paper focused on Dr. Condie’s research on some types of meteorites which may consist of material (CBb chondrules) that formed during protoplanetary collisions over four billion years ago. Unique textures found in this material were able to be replicated in high temperature furnaces that indicated the temperature and conditions that formed this material. These thermal histories were used as parameters in 3D computer modeling with the adaptive mesh refinement code FLASH4.3. Results of the 3D modeling support the thermal histories obtained by experimentation and provide the first specific demonstration of The Giant Impact Origin of the CBb Chondrules. Further refinement of the model and additional parameter studies of initial conditions (e.g., different types of impacts: sizes and composition of colliding bodies, impact velocities, etc.) will be performed in future work.

Emanuel di Pasquale, who is MCC’s and Long Branch, NJ’s poet laureate, read several of his pieces at the Long Branch Public Library as part of Black History Month. Professor di Pasquale read a poem celebrating the brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind and another in praise of New Jersey, both poems of unity.

Long Branch Mayor Adam Schneider and Council member John Pallone attended the reading.