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Alumni at Columbia Inform MCC Students

Thirty Middlesex County College students are one step closer to attending Columbia University after attending the Columbia Information Session at MCC on November 2. They met with a representative from Columbia University, as well as three Middlesex alumni who are current students at the Ivy League school. The students discussed their experiences and how Middlesex prepared them for transfer.

The event was sponsored by the Department of Counseling and Career Services.

“If it wasn’t for the information session, I either would have never applied, or I may have applied with much less confidence,” said one attendee. “At the very least this information session built up a lot of confidence in myself, and even if I do decide not to apply at Columbia, I am most definitely looking toward attending a prestigious school.”

This is the third year of the Columbia sessions.

Sheema Majiduddin, a counselor in the department, said, “Columbia is interested in our students, and we invited those students who met the requirements set by Columbia, including a high GPA and number of credits completed, among other things. Matthew Rotstein, the director of admissions at the Columbia School of General Studies, talked about the Columbia experience and what it represents, as well as how students are working with and learning from internationally known researchers, including Nobel Prize winners. The panel of students verified this.”

The student panel included Namema Amendi, Dave Durga and Corinne Mucha.

“Corinne applied to Columbia because of one of these information sessions,” Ms. Majiduddin said. “She said the second she set foot on campus, she knew she made the right choice.”

Mr. Amendi felt the program was a success.

“It was great to be there and talk to students and staff,” he said. “Hopefully, we can have more such meetings and have more students join us at Columbia.”

Columbia University has been very pleased with the sessions.

“It was by far the best organized event we have ever had,” Mr. Rotstein said. “I’ll look forward to reading some applications from MCC students in the near future.”