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MCC Profs Deliver Address at Reading and Learning Conference

MCC Profs Deliver Address at Reading and Learning Conference Dr. Shirley Wachtel and Professor Helena Swanicke of the English Department, and Dr. Iris Ramer of the English as a Second Language (ESL) Department, presented “The Reading/ESL Learning Community—Partners for Student Success,” a discussion of a proposed learning community which merges basic ESL strategies and expansive readings and methodology using popular culture to promote achievement. The presentation was at the 44th Annual CRLA (College Reading & Learning Association) Conference held in San Diego in November. Using textbooks they had written, “Spotlight on Reading” (Dr. Wachtel/Professor Swanicke) and “Read Now” (Dr. Ramer), they reviewed a sample syllabus that employs specific reading strategies and related topics in reading for ESL and reading classes. They also supplied data highlighting the success in reading classes using their approach, and stressed collaboration between participating professors. The round table format was particularly conducive to the presentation since the audience, which was from New York, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, and other states, showed a keen interest in the ideas, and participation remained high. This presentation also validated their approach in the classroom. The theme of this year’s conference was “Hands Across the Curriculum: Partnerships for College Success,” and indeed the conference provided a forum for innovative and collaborative teaching methods from educators throughout the country. The program concluded with a publishers’ exhibit. Dr. Wachtel and other authors participated in a book signing.