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On My Mind: A Look at Our Successes

Developing a strategic plan is critical for any organization and in times of economic downturns even more important. The ability to plan for the next few years gives direction and a form to everything you do; think of it as a map as you are driving on the highway. Our plan articulates our goals and determines budget priorities. In organizations, there are no GPS devices to tell you when you’ve veered off the road. Our plan is our guide.

We are beginning work on our 2009-2012 strategic plan. Before we move ahead, I’d like to discuss the successes that we have had toward the goals of our 2006-2009 strategic plan. The booklet, “Successes… 2006-2009, Highlights of Accomplishments,” details these successes and was distributed at the State of the College Address on January 14th. In reviewing our successes, there are a few that are especially noteworthy.

In support of faculty, we have allocated additional funds for faculty development and initiated the Middlesex County College Foundation Faculty Endowment fund. We have implemented a standardized affirmative action process for hiring new faculty and staff and have hired 20 new faculty on tenure-track positions.

Our efforts to support student success have continued by creating the place to help students as they enter MCC. With the creation of the Enrollment Center in Chambers Hall, and the Office of the First Year Experience, the orientation, registration and advisement processes are able to work together to serve students. Adult students have also been provided new opportunities with the Encore Program, and the development of new marketing materials to recruit adult students. The result of our efforts has been an increase in enrollment of about 3 percent per year for each of the three years of the strategic plan. With increased enrollment has also come increased need for technology. In three years we have equipped 134 classrooms with technology access and created a wireless area of the library for student use. A schedule for the replacement of PC labs, office PC’s and faculty and staff PC’s has also been developed.

Improving communication on campus has resulted in revising the Full-time Management Personnel Handbook, posting Board policies on-line and keeping the Infonet and College website up-to-date and constantly improving. And lastly, I must mention that coordination and communication regarding renovation, maintenance and construction projects continues to improve. This is always a challenge as our facilities men and women work so hard to keep this campus functioning and looking beautiful.

As we begin our new planning process, please review our past successes and add your voice to the development of the new strategic plan by joining one of the planning committees.