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L’Hommedieus Receive College’s Highest Honor

Paige B. and Elizabeth L’Hommedieu were awarded the College’s highest honor in a campus ceremony on January 19. The award, presented each year since 1975, is named for Mr. L’Hommedieu’s father, Paige D. L’Hommedieu, the founding chairman of the College’s Board of Trustees and an executive with Johnson & Johnson.

“The L’Hommedieu family has a long history of service to Middlesex County College,” said College President Joann La Perla-Morales. “Paige and Elizabeth have continued that legacy that his father started. They have fulfilled leadership roles with the Foundation and instituted and funded the L’Hommedieu Family Scholarships for students majoring in the health technologies. Numerous students have attended Middlesex County College because of the L’Hommedieu’s generosity and leadership.”

Paige B. L’Hommedieu served on the Middlesex County College Foundation’s Board of Directors for eight years. He was honorary co-chairman of the Foundation’s historic Community Investment Campaign. With his guidance and dedication, the Campaign raised $3.5 million, exceeding its goal by more than $500,000.

In tribute to his father, Page D. L’Hommedieu, and his professional career in the health care industry, Mr. and Mrs. L’Hommedieu endowed the L’Hommedieu Family Scholarship Fund as their personal leadership level gift to the Community Investment Campaign. L’Hommedieu Family Scholarships assist students pursuing careers in health technologies. To date, $75,000 in scholarship awards has benefited 61 deserving and grateful students.

Elizabeth and Paige B. L’Hommedieu were honored in 2005 at the Foundation’s 36th Annual Scholarship Ball for continuing their family’s historic commitment to Middlesex County College and its students. The L’Hommedieu family has also generously underwritten portions of the Foundation’s Annual Scholarship Ball and Annual Scholarship Golf Classic for many years.

Middlesex County College is not the only beneficiary of their generosity and leadership. Both have been active in civic, charitable and religious institutions, especially those that benefit children.

“The L’Hommedieus are true community leaders who care about helping talented and deserving students attain their dreams,” Dr. La Perla-Morales said. “These scholarships not only help individual students achieve their career goals, but they provide better health care professionals for Middlesex County. They are making New Jersey a better place to live for us all.”

Mr. L’Hommedieu said the genesis of his interest in the College was because of his father’s involvement.

“Also, my roots were in Middlesex County,” he said. “I grew up in Highland Park and I have a strong commitment to this area. That commitment grew to include Middlesex County College. My wife has shared that dedication. She knew how much the College meant to my father, and, as our involvement grew, we recognized how much it meant to the community. I think this is a great institution.”

Gretchen Harvey, a student in the dental hygiene program and a L’Hommedieu Scholarship recipient, spoke at the ceremony.

“Words really cannot describe how much I appreciate the generosity of the L’Hommedieus,” she said. “I am motivated and have a strong desire to succeed, but without their financial help, I do not know how I would have made it.

“I am so grateful to be here today, thanking the L’Hommedieus in person. I am not sure they know how much their gifts can enrich a person’s life. For me, it was tremendous, and I will always remember how they have helped me. I hope to be financially stable enough in the near future to be able to give back to this scholarship fund and help others in my situation succeed as well.”