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Rose Williams: Compassionate Customer Service

Rose Williams

The first floor of Chambers Hall is now quiet. And a little dark. It used to house Admissions, Advising, Registration, the Veterans Center, and STARS, but they’ve all moved to Enrollment Services in West Hall. The bottom floor of Chambers is now only home to Human Resources, which consists of five people. None of whom is noisy.

“But each day we get students coming here looking for enrollment services,” said Rose Williams. “I love that. We like interacting with them. It’s refreshing.”

Ms. Williams started at MCC in September as human resources specialist. She comes to MCC after working in local government and corporations.

Her most recent post was as HR coordinator for the Township of Livingston, during which she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Thomas Edison State University. While at Livingston, she handled all aspects of human resources, including benefits, retirement, recruiting, payroll, worker’s compensation, employee relations, records and training.

“I enjoyed working for the township, but it was small and a little limiting,” she said. “I wanted to broaden my horizons. My very first job was at Pace University. I love everything about education.”

She has also worked as an assistant, business analyst and coordinator for Babies R Us and Toys R Us.

Ms. Williams plans to put an emphasis on “compassionate customer service.” She hopes to offer workshops on retirement and other benefits.

“We have to follow rules and regulations, but we want to do it with a smile,” she said.