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Middlesex County College Presents an Art Event: Two Unique Exhibitions

Middlesex County College is presenting two intriguing art exhibitions: one highlights emerging artists from the mid-Atlantic region; the other features sculpture, shown in a darkened room, illuminated only from the artwork itself.

The exhibition is from January 21 through February 11 and is open to the public weekdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. A reception, also open to the public, will be Thursday, January 28, from 5-8 p.m. The exhibitions are in adjacent spaces.

“This is going to be a fascinating look at contemporary art,” said Nadine Heller, one of the curators and the chairperson of the Visual, Performing and Media Arts Department at Middlesex. “The simultaneous exhibitions are going to create synergy. It’s going to be an art event, rather than just an art show.”

The exhibit of emerging artists is being co-sponsored by CFEVA, the Center for Emerging Visual Artists. It is an organization, based in Philadelphia, which brings attention to talented artists who have not yet received wide public notice. It seeks to advance the careers of visual artists in the region, to promote relationships between artists and the communities in which they live, and to increase access to visual art for everyone.

“My interest in bringing this display to Middlesex is really twofold,” Professor Heller said. “First, this is a talented group that deserves attention. I think people are really going to enjoy their work. And second, I’d like artists in New Jersey to be aware of CFEVA’s Career Development Program, as they may like to apply next year. The fellowship may open doors, provide exhibition opportunities and literally jump-start an art career.”

In addition to showcasing artists’ work in exhibitions, CFEVA also mentors artists and helps them with all facets of their work – both the artistic side and the business aspects.

Presenting photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation, the exhibition features Maria Anasazi, Leslie Atik, Susan Benarcik, Gregory Brellochs, Danielle Bursk, Brooke Hine, Breanna K. Murphy, Diane Savona, R. Noel Shaak, Daniel Traub, Ben Volta, and John Woodin.

The other exhibit, called LUMEN, is curated by Asha Ganpat, adjunct professor of studio art at the College. It will be held in the Studio Theatre, which is an 800-square-foot space with black walls. The theatre lights are off; the space is illuminated only by the artwork itself.

“Each work glows from within to draw the viewer into the carnival-esque landscape of the black box gallery space,” Professor Ganpat said.

Sculptors exhibiting are: Ted Apel, Aaron Bowles, Michele Brody, Don Bruschi, John K. Bunkley, [dNASAb], Jordan Eagles, Frances Heinrich, Jun Ishida, Jill Johnston-Price, Michelle Levante, Victor Liu, Rob Loring, J.D. McGuire.