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Middle States Brief

By Ron Goldfarb
Co-Chair, Middle States Self-Study Committee

As you read this, our Self-Study should be on the way to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the site evaluation team. You may find a copy of the report at http://infonet/middlestates/. It took more than two years of planning, researching, analyzing, and editing by more than 140 people and all of that hard work is evidenced by the finished product.

As previously noted in this column, there will be a presentation about the Self-Study at the Spring Semester Convocation in January as well as a discussion regarding the balance of the current accreditation cycle. Members of the visiting team will be speaking with many members of the campus community during their visit from March 6-9, 2011 and it is important that all be familiar with the self-study process, as well as the College’s vision and mission statements and the strategic plan. Those items, and more, will be discussed at the Convocation.

Preparations are well under way for the site visit and you should plan to be at the exit interview on Wednesday, March 9 at 1:30 p.m.