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Dr. Shirley Wachtel,

professor of English, conducted a presentation of her memoir, “My Mother’s Shoes,” at the U.S. State Department in Washington, DC on November 7. Her presentation, which included a reading, discussion, visual display and question-and-answer session, was part of a series presented by The Ralph J. Bunche Library Speaker Series. Dr. Wachtel’s novel details the story of her mother’s experience during the Holocaust and later as an immigrant in the United States, as well as the impact of these experiences on her daughter and future generations. On November 6, Dr. Wachtel dropped in on the Etzim class of 2-year-olds at the Jewish Community Center in Washington, DC, where students, including her own granddaughter, Zoey, participated in a reading of Dr. Wachtel’s “The Eight Days of Hanukkah.” Dr. Wachtel contributed a copy of her book, “My Mother’s Shoes,” to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and has been invited to conduct a book signing at the museum in the spring.

Professor Aimee Sukel Mitacchione

represented MCC at the 2014 National Dance Education Organization annual conference in Chicago.