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Student Success Poster Contest

When Dr. Christine Harrington published her textbook, “Student Success in College: Doing What Works!,” she decided to take some of the royalties from it and establish a scholarship for students. She invited those taking Student Success 101 classes to create posters summarizing research findings from a peer-reviewed journal article. The three winners were honored at a ceremony in December. From left: Dr. Harrington; Nicole Viveiros, the first-place winner whose poster was on the relationship between healthy habits and academic performance; Professor Patricia Moran; Patricia Salgado, the second place winner whose poster was on migrant farm workers; and College President Joann La Perla-Morales. Not pictured: third place winner Melissa Romero, whose poster was on post-secondary education for those recovering from addiction. Professor Moran taught Ms. Salgago’s and Ms. Romero’s Student Success class. Ms. Viveiros was awarded $1,500; Ms. Salgado, $1,000; and Ms. Romero, $800.