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Thank You!

Thank you to the many members of the MCC faculty and staff who supported the mission of the MCC Foundation by donating to scholarships and program funds, purchasing tickets to fundraising events, or making a contribution to the Annual Fund in fiscal year 2016 (July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016). Many of those listed below are already supporting the Foundation in the current fiscal year through payroll deductions. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution to assist MCC’s deserving students, please contact the MCC Foundation at 111 Hof Road, telephone 732-906-2564, email: foundation@middlesexcc.edu. You may also make a gift online at www.mcc-foundation.org.

Meghan G. Alai
Tehmina Anjum
Geraldine A. Baffuto
Mark A. Banyacski
Sudipta Biswas
Marla D. Brinson
Neil Brosnan
Elaine Buscemi
Roseann P. Bucciarelli
Patricia Cardinale
Leslie A. Carter
Brian Clemmons
Veronica Clinton
Eileen E. Coakley
Richard D. Cole
Brenda M. Cooney
Kevin R. Dalina
Til Dallavalle
Sally K. D’Aloisio
Patricia C. Daly
Walter DeAngelo
Donald R. Drost
Andrew Dzurisin
Allison Edgley
Cristobal Espinoza-Wulach
James Finne
Phyllis Fleming
David Fricke
Linda G. Friedman
Donna Marie Gardner-Beadling
Phalguni Ghosh
Ronald C. Goldfarb
Fannie Gordon
Karen Gormish
Charita Green
Christine Harrington
Pamela C. Hedberg
Jeffrey T. Herron
Kelly Hogan
Hope-Claire Holbeck
Evelyn Ann Honey
Kristin Honey
Patrick J. Honey
Kimberlee M. Hooper
Meenu Jain
Karen L. Katt
Warren D. Kelemen
Myung I. Kim
Denise M. Krisza
John Kruszewski
Donna M. Kwiatkowski
Joann La Perla-Morales
Jose Laureano
Risa H. Levi
David L. Lipton
Mary A. Lynch
Mary-Pat Maciolek
Patrick S. Madama
Patricia A. Marrero
Susan McColley
Mark McCormick
Bradley Morton
John J. Murray
Michael Nester
Ralph C. Nunez
Faith Occhiogrosso
Theresa E. Orosz
Joann V. O’Hara
Claire A. Pean
Janet Peleg
Susan K. Perkins
Thomas J. Peterson
Alice Picardo
Margaret J. Przygoda
Maryann B. Quick
Luis A. Reyes
Evelyn Rosa
Marianne H. Santelli
Stephanie Serrano-Vera
Kathleen B. Shay
Mathew V. Spano
Neil L. Storm
Lynn Tobin
Marvetta R. Troop
Theresa Young

The Foundation aims for 100 percent accuracy, but please contact the office if your name has been omitted from this key group of supporters.