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Middle States Brief

Graduation is behind us, summer is ahead, and work on our Middle States Self-Study continues. The 110 MCC faculty, administrators, staff, and students who serve on the 14 Work Groups have labored through three drafts of their reports and will continue to gather additional data where necessary and incorporate it into their analysis. The latest versions of the reports will be posted at over the next few months. At the opening of the fall semester convocation, there will be one or more breakout sessions so that as many people as possible have the opportunity to comment on the latest versions of the Work Group reports.

Similarly, this summer the Steering Committee will begin the process of turning the reports into what is essentially a 14 chapter book. It will evidence to the Commission on Higher Education and the College community that MCC is in compliance with all of the Commission’s Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education.

As the fall semester begins, the Self-Study will take shape and it is expected that the first full draft will be available in mid-to-late October. It will be posted on the website and an open forum will be scheduled for public comment. At any time, comments may be sent to for consideration by the Steering Committee and Work Groups.

Enjoy the summer.