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English Professor Emanuel di Pasquale has translated a new book, “The Form of Life: New and Selected Poems 1996-2009,” by Italian poet Gabriela Fantato. A poet, critic and essayist, Ms. Fantato’s work has been translated into French, Spanish and Arabic, as well as English. “The Form of Life” is published by Chelsea Editions.

Reviewer Anthony Di Renzo praised both the work and the translation.

“Gabriela Fantato’s The Form of Life: New and Selected Poems, 1996-2009 (is) beautifully translated by Emanuel di Pasquale,” Dr. Di Renzo wrote. “For Fantato, civilization is a wilderness of signs and symbols, of past ruins and present anxieties. Her voice is darkly lyrical: rich, resonant, and perfectly tuned.”

Dr. Di Renzo, the author of “Bitter Greens: Essays on Food, Politics, and Ethnicity from the Imperial Kitchen” and an associate professor of writing at Ithaca College, noted the crispness of the work.

“Shaped by plains, streams, and marshes, defined by drizzle, mist, and fog, these magical regions taught Leonardo the art of chiaroscuro,” he wrote. “Translator Emanuel di Pasquale, a Sicilian, does an admirable job mapping this northern terrain. By highlighting the sensuality of Fantato’s poetry, he avoids abstraction and places the reader in a specific landscape at a specific season. The results are as crisp as a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio on a foggy November afternoon.”