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Math and the Mouse Club in Hall of Fame

Two representatives of the Middlesex Math and the Mouse Club again traveled to Walt Disney World in January to gather data and test several algorithms. The duo also earned Hall of Fame status by completing 40 out of 46 attractions in less than 11 hours at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. They also broke a Touring Plans Hall of Fame record for experiencing 30 core attractions in one day. The club holds second place for the overall tour and first place for core attractions experienced.

“On the day of the tour, Disney posted an average wait time of 54 minutes for each ride in the park, with a range of between five minutes and three hours,” said Patty Kiernan, the faculty advisor. “Using our data analysis, we waited an average of seven minutes for each ride.”

Veronica Liguori (left), the club president, and Professor Kiernan also examined Disney World transportation options; the actual time guests wait in line verses the posted wait times; and commonalities of workers at Epcot.

The club comprises non-STEM majors and meets regularly to discuss ways to apply statistics to avoid waiting in lines at Walt Disney World. It was created to provide students a nonthreatening, practical application of material taught in statistics courses at MCC by allowing them to analyze and gather real data at Walt Disney World.