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Gaming and Animation Degree Program Launching Soon

A new program in Gaming and Animation is being introduced at the College. Graduates will be prepared for jobs in this growing field or to transfer to a four-year university to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree.

“People understand and react to messages much better if there is a visual attached to it,” said Professor Richard Thompson, who will teach the gaming and animation courses. “Creating video games is huge, but is only one aspect of this field. Graduates may also be employed by pharmaceutical companies, engineering firms, hospitals, the military, museums and film studios. There are lots of applications. It is a competitive, but growing field. It’s also very exciting and a lot of fun.”

Students will take five gaming and animation courses: 3D modeling & Animation Foundations; Game Design Foundations; Animation Workshop; Game Design Workshop; and a Portfolio class, in addition to art, photography and general education classes. The program can be completed in two years, and would likely include some classes during the summer or Wintersession.

Professor Thompson said he will be using a software program called Maya to create graphics and Unity to develop the games.

While Professor Thompson teaches the technical side of animation, he emphasizes the success of an animation or game rests largely with the story.

“Ultimately, it’s the story that sells,” he says. “Visual narration is very important to me.”

He suggests the field will only grow.

“There is an ever-increasing demand for visual solutions,” he said. For additional information, email