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Learn to be a Great Cook at Today’s Table

This spring, you can learn how to be a great amateur chef. “Today’s Table” will be held in Crabiel Hall’s culinary lab on the Edison campus. Come hungry and enjoy tastings of food prepared by the chef. Recipes are distributed.

“This program is for cooks and non-cooks, and it is instructive, entertaining and fun,” said Lynn Lederer, director of Professional and Community Programs at the College. “You will develop techniques to enhance your recipes. This is a wide-ranging cooking program that is both enjoyable and educational.”

Except where noted, you may register a la carte at $40 for each class or choose any three classes for $99. The savings are available to anyone who registers with payment for the three classes at the same time. Most classes meet from 6:30-9 p.m. For more information visit or call 732-906-2556.

Spring classes include:

Winter Soups and Stews: Discover how simple it is to create a comforting, delicious and nutritious winter soup at home. Thursday, January 21.

Taste of America: Take a virtual cross-country road trip and sample local specialties along the way. Tuesday, January 26.

One-Dish Dinners: Learn to make delicious and healthy meals with little fuss and just a few dishes to wash. Thursday, January 28.

Amazing Braising: Learn the art of braising – a simple cooking technique with big flavor results. Wednesday, February 3.

Saucier Boot Camp: The ability to make a consistently good sauce is an essential part of becoming a good cook. Thursday, February 4.

Kopy Kat Desserts: Come try homemade versions of peanut butter cups, Oh Henry, Hostess chocolate cupcakes and more! Tuesday, February 9.

Make Ahead Meals Made Easy: You will learn to be prepared with a few quick dishes that can easily be made ahead of time and then frozen. Thursday, February 11.

Polish Food: Beyond Kielbasa and Pierogi Sample some traditional Polish fare. Tuesday, February 16.

Regions of Italy: Umbria Located in the center of Italy, Umbria is a mecca for foodies! Thursday, February 18.

Bring on the Greens: Greens are packed with nutrient-rich, antioxidant-fighting enzymes. They are also versatile and can be adapted to suit each meal. Tuesday, February 23.

From Beer to Eternity: Beer tastes pretty great straight from the glass, but it also adds a subtly sweet flavor to your recipes. Thursday, February 25.

Sweet Treats from Sicily: Sicily is an island known for rustic regional cookery, but its desserts are the grand finale of every great meal. Tuesday, March 1.

Off The Hook: Discover many of the tasty cooking methods for fish. Thursday, March 3.

Pork – The Other White Meat: Learn to successfully cook different cuts of pork to juicy perfection and pork-friendly sauces to delight the taste buds. Tuesday, March 8.

Cooking Local: Join Chef Nirit Yadin as she introduces you to local farm fresh foods and food products. Learn how to get the most out of your food dollars and sample delicious local foods: polenta pizza, local cheeses and the ultimate cheeseburger. Thursday, March 10.

International Dumplings: In this class you will sample fufu (West African cassava dumplings), Persian chickpeas and chicken balls, kibbe (Lebanese bulgur dumplings with lentils), with Swiss chard soup and tang yuan, (sweet Chinese black sesame filled dumplings).Thursday, March 17.

Cooking Basics: Part I Developed for new couples, new graduates or anyone else new to cooking, you will learn the essentials of food preparation – the ingredients, equipment and techniques that establish the foundation of simple home cooking. Tuesday, March 22.

Sushi 101: Learn the art of making sushi at home in this beginner’s guide to basic recipes and techniques. Tuesday, April 5.

Catalan Cuisine: Catalonia produces some of Spain’s best dishes: Catalan pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomatoes) escalivada (Catalan grilled salad), merluza en salsa verde (hake in green sauce), and Crema Catalana (the Spanish version of crème brulée). Thursday, April 7.

America’s Best Chicken Recipes! Whether roasted, fried, baked or slow cooked, chicken is one of America’s most versatile, inexpensive, healthy, easy and delicious dishes. Tuesday, April 12.

Regions of Italy: Calabria This is where some of the best Italian food is found. Thursday, April 14.

For a complete list of all Today’s Table classes for spring and summer, please visit in the middle of November.