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Arts and Sciences Dean: “It’s a Terrific Time to be Here”

Linda Scherr

Linda Scherr

As Linda Scherr walked toward L’Hommedieu Hall on her first day at MCC in August, she felt some apprehension. She had left a job she loved – an 18-year career, with tenure – for the uncertainties of a new position as dean of Arts and Sciences. She was anxious as she set foot into the building.

But by the end of that day, she knew she made the right decision.

“There are wonderful, talented people here,” she said. “Great faculty, great programs and it’s a beautiful campus.”

Dr. Scherr said she is particularly excited about the opening of the new South Hall science building. Classes will begin there in January.

“It’s got world-class labs and wonderful space for students to study – on their own or in groups,” she said. “It’s going to provide opportunities for students to enhance their education by working together.”

Dr. Scherr is also interested in expanding online opportunities for students, including the possibility of offering complete degree programs online.

“This is a terrific time to be here as we are looking to do more with online learning, which is where the 21st century community college needs to be,” she said. “At the same time, we have to do it carefully and do it right. Online classes are not right for every student or every course.”

She is also planning to work with the Honors Program Board to continue its work in developing more Honors classes at MCC.

“I view that as a significant part of the community college mission,” she said.

Dr. Scherr is a historian by discipline, with a Ph.D. in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania, and a degree in History and Near Eastern Studies from Cornell. She was a faculty member at Mercer County Community College from 1998 to 2012 before becoming dean for instructional effectiveness and then acting dean of Math, Sciences & Health Professions in 2014. She completed numerous scholarly publications and presentations, largely on archaeology and ancient history, in addition to many on teaching, learning and assessment.

Dr. Scherr is also an authority on General Education programs, and was the co-chair of the state-wide General Education Coordinating Committee; she was presented with the Council of County College’s Community Spirit award in 2008 for her efforts.

She also was the recipient of the Patricia C. Donohue Leadership Award from the American Association of Women in Community Colleges in 2015.

Dr. Scherr said she is getting to know the MCC community and its strengths.

“I’m still learning about the great accomplishments of the people in this division,” she said. “I love coming to work each day. It’s a wonderful group of faculty, staff, students and administrators.”