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Faculty Listen to Students

Those attending CELT’s Faculty Professional Day had the opportunity to hear from a group of students about what teaching and classroom elements help them learn most effectively.

A selection of international students, NJ STARS, Project Connections students, returning adult students and veterans shared observations about teaching and learning from their perspectives. Responding to the students’ comments were faculty members Barbara Bognar of the Biology Department, Kathleen Shay of Mathematics, and Steven Zale of Computer Science.

The Professional Day activities, organized by the Center for the Enrichment of Learning and Teaching (CELT), also included 10 workshops for faculty members. Developed and facilitated by faculty and staff members, the workshops offered a variety of information and perspectives about learning and teaching at the College.

Topics ranged from “Teaching Squares: Teachers Learning From Teachers” to “Classroom Voting as a Teaching Tool.” Maria Mora, director of the Perth Amboy Center, and Evelyn Rosa, director of the New Brunswick Center, facilitated an informational workshop about the two Centers; Donna-Marie Gardner and Mat Spano discussed teaching in the Honors Program; and faculty members Jim Finne, Joe Misuraca, Craig Stickler, Agnes Azzolino and Jeff Spector, along with Engineering Technologies Department Chairperson Thom Sabol, shared the practical ideas they picked up at the Teaching Professor Conference and intend to use in their classes.