MCC Publications

Middle States Brief

By Ron Goldfarb
Co-Chair, Middle States Self-Study Committee

This summer saw intense activity by the Self-Study Steering Committee and most of the Work Groups. Further research was conducted and data were analyzed. Updated reports were posted periodically on the InfoNet at and a number of comments were received at

The Self-Study is now beginning to take shape. Outlines of the Executive Summary, introductory material, and the Conclusion have been added to the 14 chapters dealing with the Middle States Characteristics of Excellence. Over the next month there will be extensive editing of the Self-Study and it is expected that the first full draft will be available in late October. It will be posted on the website and an open forum will be scheduled for public comment. At any time, comments may be sent to for consideration by the Steering Committee and Work Groups.

On October 14, Dr. Dustin Swanger, president of Fulton-Montgomery Community College in New York and the chair of the team that will visit us, will be at MCC to begin the planning for the arrival of the site visitation team on March 6, 2011. He will get to know us and will be given an early draft of the Self-Study to review. The self-study process is entering an exciting phase and regular updates will be provided.