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Twins Enroll at Columbia University, with a Boost from MCC

They look similar, though not identical. They are both outgoing and friendly, and obviously enjoy each other’s company. For most of their lives, they’ve been inseparable. And now the twins from North Brunswick, Eugene and Vincent Dinescu, will be continuing their education together at Columbia University. Eugene has been at Columbia for a year and Vincent is joining him this fall. It was an unusual route they took. Both wanted to become doctors since they were in elementary school, but their mother’s illness caused them to miss so many classes in high school that they actually never graduated; both eventually earned a GED. But they enrolled at Middlesex County College as biology majors. MCC was the springboard to their success. “Middlesex was the key,” says Eugene. “It is a great environment if you want to work hard. I had great professors. Middlesex was instrumental to my success. It was the catalyst for everything. It was where it started; we’ll see where it finishes.” While neither Vincent nor Eugene graduated from Middlesex, they were able to transfer their credits to the Ivy League school. The duo plans to graduate from Columbia and then attend medical school and become plastic surgeons. Vincent says, “If you do well at Middlesex, you have the opportunity to go anywhere you like.”