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Prof Writes Dante Translation

Professor Emanuel di Pasquale, poet-in-residence at MCC, has translated Dante’s classic work “The New Life.” The translation, co-authored by Bruno Alemanni, a retired writer and editor, was published in July. “The New Life,” written in the 13th century, was Dante’s first book. He compiled love poems he had written for a young woman named Beatrice, and introduced them with prose and described the circumstances of their creation.

“The book is about the mystery of love,” Professor di Pasquale said. “Human love, which is a sign of the divinity in the human. What makes us divine, in other words, is our ability to love each other – love in all its forms: Love of children, love of family, love of father and mother, brother and sister; love of all humanity eventually.”

The translation is aimed at American readers, but does not sacrifice Dante’s literary style.

Professor di Pasquale’s colleague, Daniel Zimmerman, professor of English at Middlesex, also says this work breaks new ground.

“In his new translation of La Vita, Emanuel di Pasquale has captured the commonplace, matter-of-fact spirit with which Dante engages the materials that love and language provide him,” Dr. Zimmerman said.