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2015sep-notables-santiProfessor Santi Buscemi of the English Department delivered a paper on the Sicilian author Luigi Capuana at an academic conference commemorating the 100th anniversary of the author’s death in Mineo, Sicily. The title of the paper was “Why I Translate Luigi Capuana”; it was delivered in Italian. At the end of the proceedings, the Mineo City Council awarded Professor Buscemi an honorary citizenship for the city, presenting him with a plaque in gratitude for his attempts to make Capuana better known outside of Italy. His wife, MCC Professor Emerita Elaine Buscemi, was also named an honorary citizen. Later that day, Professor Santi Buscemi was asked to address a group of graduating middle-school students.

He also delivered two slide lectures on the architecture and literature of Sicily (“Sicilian Treasures”) at the Circolo Italiano of Doylestown, PA and at the Italian-American Museum in New York City.

This summer, he wrote the cover article on U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in “Primo” magazine. The article covered Justice Scalia’s background growing up in Brooklyn and Queens, graduating from Georgetown University, where he was the valedictorian, and then on to Harvard Law. Professor Buscemi talks about the justice’s legal philosophy and also when the two met in 2013.