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Community Leader Supports Perth Amboy Program

Mayor Wilda Diaz; Alumni Association President Nicole Risoli; Kenny Ortiz, Perth Amboy director of human services; Eddie Trujillo; and José Laureano.

Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz joined Middlesex County College staff and alumni in saluting Eddie Trujillo, the owner of Terrazza Restaurant, who donated $3500 toward the Summer Youth Leadership Academy, a partnership between the city and MCC. The program helps students going into their senior year of high school as they prepare for college. The academy includes a Student Success course promoting decision-making skills and time management, as well as an academic component addressing study strategies, presentation skills and note-taking. It also includes a college-readiness workshop that helps students create a college portfolio, as well as an afternoon internship at a local organization.

“This is a wonderful mechanism for high school students thinking about college to examine why college is important and explore what their responsibilities will be as students,” said José Laureano, director of MCC’s Perth Amboy Center. “It is a great way to jumpstart your college career and we are so grateful to Mr. Trujillo for his donation.”