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Students Accepted to International Animation Conference

From left, Matt Check, Jin Ju, Interim President Mark McCormick, and Professor Richard Thompson.

Two MCC students were accepted as volunteers at SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques), an annual conference on computer graphics. The conference, held in Vancouver August 12-16, was attended by tens of thousands of computer professionals.

MCC students Matt Check and Jin Ju received access to the entire conference and worked 20 to 25 hours at various exposition stands and presentations.

“They met professionals in the field and peers from around the globe,” said Richard Thompson, who teaches gaming and animation at MCC. “SIGGRAPH is also home to the Electronic Theater, where many of the Oscar-nominated shorts first get noticed, where major motion picture companies discuss the making of various visual FX, and where new software is presented. There is 3D printing, stop-motion, claymation, as well as educational papers and presentations from gaming studios. Of particular interest is an entire hall devoted to emerging technologies. This is a terrific opportunity for our two students.”

In addition, 60 pieces of work (32 art stills and 28 animations) from MCC’s animation program – including the two pieces shown in the photo – were accepted to the Faculty Submitted Student Work Exhibit at the conference.