March 27, 2020: Remote Instruction and Services to Remain Online Through the End of the Semester

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New Brunswick club

New Brunswick Center Club

The New Brunswick Center Club provides educational, cultural and social activities for Middlesex County College students, especially those who take classes at the Center or live in the New Brunswick area. Students are welcome to all activities sponsored by the club and are encouraged to recommend activities of interest.

Club membership gives you the opportunity to make friends, develop leadership abilities, improve your communication skills, participate in event planning, learn to work in teams and manage resources while making college a fun experience for yourself and your classmates! If you are interested in joining the club as an officer or as a member, please visit or email Michael Scalice or Carolina Ochoa at the MCC New Brunswick Center.

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Celebrating National Cake Day

Pumpkin Carving

Rutgers University Transfer Information Session

Voter Registration Event

Voter registration event

An Evening of Anime

An evening of anime

Garden of Healing Aromatherapy & Massage

Photography Contest

Photography contest winner Photography contest winner