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New Brunswick Center

Staff Directory

New Brunswick Center Director
Evelyn J. Rosa (Bilingual Spanish)
Phone: 732-745-8866 Ext. 119
Email: erosa@middlesexcc.edu
New Brunswick Center Assistant Director
Nalda Rivera (Bilingual Spanish)
Financial Aid and Advising
Phone: 732-745-8866 Ext. 129
Email: nrivera@middlesexcc.edu
New Brunswick Center Coordinator
Joan O’Brien
Office Administration | New Brunswick Center Club Advisor
Phone: 732-745-8866 Ext. 112
Email: jmobrien@middlesexcc.edu
Part-Time Evening Coordinator
Ivory Luke
FAFSA | Alternate Financial Aid | Basic Emergency Needs Liaison
Phone: 732-745-8866 Ext. 111
Email: Iluke@middlesexcc.edu
Mon.-Thurs. 4pm-9pm (by appointment)
Part-Time Academic Advisor
Michelle Dahl
Class Scheduling | Academic Issues or Concerns
Phone: 732-745-8866 Ext. 130
Email: mdahl@middlesexcc.edu
Mon.-Thurs. 9am-2pm
Pathways to Healthcare Program Advocate
Yvette Molina (Bilingual Spanish)
Phone: 732-745-8866 Ext. 123
by appointment
Enrollment Services Assistant
Nicole Scavone
Student Support | Social Media Support
Phone: 732-745-8866 Ext. 135
Email: nscavone@middlesexcc.edu
Enrollment Services Assistant
Carolina Ochoa (Bilingual Spanish)
Student Support | Non-Credit Class Registration
Phone: 732-745-8866 Ext. 113
Email: cochoa@middlesexcc.edu