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Amazon Partners with Middlesex College to Provide Fully Funded Tuition Through Career Choice Program for Hourly Employees

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Paul Kibiru, an Engineering major at Middlesex College

Paul Kibiru, an Engineering major at Middlesex College, is taking advantage of the Amazon Career Choice program. He works at the Carteret facility as a learning coordinator.

Amazon, the multinational retail and technology company, has expanded its program to provide tuition and eligible fees for its hourly employees to attend colleges and universities all across the nation, including Middlesex College.

“We’re looking forward to Middlesex College coming on board as an education partner for Career Choice, adding to the hundreds of best-in-class offerings available to our employees,” said Tammy Thieman, Global Program Lead of Amazon’s Career Choice program. “We’re committed to empowering our employees by providing them access to the education and training they need to grow their careers, whether that’s with us or elsewhere. We have intentionally cultivated a partner network of third-party educators and employers committed to providing excellent education, job placement resources, and continuous improvements to the experience. Today, over 50,000 Amazon employees around the world have already participated in Career Choice and we’ve seen firsthand how it can transform their lives.”

Overall, Amazon announced it will partner with more than 140 colleges and universities to provide fully funded college tuition to their more than 750,000 hourly employees as part of the recent updates to Career Choice, one of Amazon’s professional development programs.

Amazon will also partner with GEDWorks for GED preparation and Smart Horizons for high school completion, Voxy EnGen and goFLUENT to provide English language proficiency, and Outlier to provide college preparatory courses.

Career Choice is part of Amazon’s Upskilling 2025 pledge – a $1.2 billion commitment to increasing the skills of more than 300,000 Amazon employees by 2025.

Starting this year, the Career Choice program will include funding full college tuition, and employees are eligible to sign up after 90 days of employment. Through Career Choice, employees can pursue degrees, industry certifications leading to in-demand jobs, or build skills through English language proficiency and high school completion programs.

“We are very pleased that Amazon is expanding Career Choice,” said Middlesex College President Mark McCormick. “We’ve been working with the program since 2019. Now it has broadened to fully funded college programs including bachelor’s and associate degrees, which is a great benefit for students who want to increase their skills.”