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Christine Wathen: Tending to the Emotional Needs as Well as Educational

| Category: Featured Faculty

Christine Wathen as she teaches her accounting class online.

I have been teaching online for a couple of years, so the transition from a technical perspective was not too difficult. However, the transition from traditional in-person classes to remote teaching required me to adopt different teaching strategies and be more flexible.

I have been listening to students and asking them to provide continual feedback to ensure their educational experiences are meaningful. So far, their feedback has been positive.

I’ve (unintentionally) developed a new motto to close each class. Similar to Ellen’s, “be kind to one another,” my motto is, “get some fresh air today!”

It is important to me to not only tend to students’ educational needs, but to consider their emotional needs during this challenging time as well. They know I care, and I make sure they know I am there for them outside of our online class meetings.

Conferencing apps give us the ability to interact remotely, but most of all, I miss the in-person connection with my students. The situation has given all of us a greater appreciation of the time spent together in class, and I look forward to returning to our beautiful campus in the future!