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Elizabeth Shaheen: Enhancing Engagement

| Category: Featured Faculty

Elizabeth Shaheen conducts her ESL classes online

The switch to emergency remote instruction was not without its challenges, but overall it was a positive experience for me and for my ESL students.

As we met remotely from our homes, we got a glimpse into each other’s families and personal lives. We got to know each other more holistically, which enriched our learning community.

On a more practical level, using Zoom allowed us to continue our whole-class activities, as well as small-group discussions in the breakout rooms. Our class recordings provided students with immediate feedback on their performance and gave them the opportunity to re-watch class sessions for reinforcement.

For some students, the Zoom sessions enhanced their engagement, and their participation improved since the transition.

For me, I have now explored different features of Canvas and have become more skilled at using Canvas as a learning management tool, which ultimately benefits the students not only in my courses this past semester but also in my future courses.​

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