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The Immaculate Inning

| Category: Featured Students

blue colt baseball team

Middlesex College pitcher Jake Ferraro achieved an Immaculate Inning – facing three batters and mowing them down on three pitches each, for a total of nine strikes. The feat, which is so rare it has only occurred 94 times in all of Major League Baseball history, has never been done for at least the past eight years at the College.

That’s how long C.J. Mooney has been coaching the Colts. It occurred at Delaware County Community College on April 13 in the sixth inning of a 13-1 Middlesex College victory. Ferraro threw all fastballs.

“When he got two batters on six pitches I turned to my assistant coach and said, ‘He has a shot at an Immaculate Inning,’” Coach Mooney said. “He said to me, ‘Don’t jinx it.’ It didn’t matter. Jake struck the last batter out on three pitches and was so pumped.”

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