Police Officers Honored for Saving Student’s Life

From left: Middlesex County Freeholder Director Ronald G. Rios; Dorothy K. Power, chairman of the College Board of Trustees; Sergeant Cory Smith; Officer Shawn Ferguson; Captain Michael Ambroziak; Officer Bryan Montalvo, Officer Christopher Halley, Officer Jean-Pierre Mercenat; and Interim President Mark McCormick.

Five Middlesex County College police officers were honored at the College’s Board of Trustees meeting September 17 for saving a student’s life in August. Two officers – J.P. Mercenat and Shawn Ferguson – were patrolling in Edison Hall when they received a report of an unconscious student in the building. They responded immediately and discovered that the student wasn’t breathing and did not have a pulse. Officer Mercenat is a certified EMT and the two began administering CPR. Sergeant Cory Smith and Officers Christopher Halley and Bryan Montalvo arrived and set up an AED unit.

Officers administered two cycles of CPR with no results, but on the third attempt it was successful.

The student was taken to JFK Hospital in serious condition. Two weeks later, she had returned to class and was continuing her education.

“The actions of Officer J.P. Marcenat, Officer Shawn Ferguson, Sergeant Cory Smith, Officer Bryan Montalvo and Officer Christopher Halley undoubtedly saved the life of that young woman, 21 years of age, on the evening of August 1, 2018,” Police Captain Michael Ambroziak told the Board. “Their professionalism, training and composure in an extremely stressful situation exemplify the high standards of excellence that is routed in the Middlesex County Police Department and the Middlesex County College community. These officers are a credit to the police profession, the Middlesex County College Police Department, Middlesex County College, and our entire community and are to be commended for their actions.”

The Board and audience members gave the officers a standing ovation.