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Community-Engaged Learning

Welcome to Community-Engaged Learning at Middlesex College!


Community-Engaged Learning Student Stories

Dulce Lina ’19

“The best part of service learning for me has been the relationships I’ve built with the people I’m visiting.”

Dulce Lina had limited experience with community service before enrolling in Contemporary Social Problems (SOC-131) her second semester at Middlesex College. After learning that she had the option to complete 15 hours of service for a class assignment, Dulce was eager to get started. Read her full story…

Alexander Lewis ’19

“I hope service learning courses will inspire students to take action and volunteer in their local communities.”

Alexander Lewis is no stranger to social issues. At the age of 20, Alexander found himself estranged from his parents and without a place to live. With all of his belongings in one big suitcase, Alexander bounced between friends’ houses, acquaintances’ homes, abandoned buildings, and the street. Read his full story…

Amir Wright ’19

“This experience has opened my eyes and helped me understand how others view the world.”

After learning about the service requirements for his Spring 2018 Contemporary Social Problems course, Amir Wright knew he wanted to do things a little differently than the majority of his classmates. Rather than select one of the service sites offered to the class, Amir specially requested to work with A Seat at the Table. Read his full story…

Abraham Saint-Vil ’19

“For those few hours, that little time, I felt like I was making a difference for someone.”

When it comes to taking on a challenge, Abraham Saint-Vil’s believes you’re either all in or you’re all out. Despite his go-getter attitude, Abraham’s first thoughts after learning he would be completing 15 hours of community service for his English Composition (ENG121) course last spring semester were not positive ones. Read his full story…