For Students

What is Service Learning?

Service learning is an experiential teaching method used to link course content to real-life experiences that focus on a community need or social justice issue. Simply put, service learning helps students gain knowledge by tackling problems faced in their community. Students taking service learning courses are required to complete a designated amount of volunteer service hours (typically 10-20 hours) per semester with a local, not-for-profit community partner. Students integrate their service experiences with their coursework through ongoing reflection and class assignments.

Students who engage in service learning have been shown to feel more engaged with the college community, have a better understanding of the course content, and deeper insight into the social issues faced by the local community. Service learning courses are currently available through the History and Social Sciences, English, and Mathematics Departments. The college is expanding course offerings into new departments each semester, therefore service learning course offerings vary from semester to semester.


Available Courses

  • Concepts of Business and Management (MGT-210)
  • Contemporary Social Problems (SOC-131)
  • Integrated Reading and Writing (ENG-096)
  • Dental Health Education (DHY-207)
  • English Composition (ENG-121)
  • Methods of Social Casework and Counseling (SOC-210)
  • Historical Geology (SCI-164)
  • Introduction to Business (BUS-101)
  • Introduction to Geology (SCI-155)
  • Introduction to Meteorology (SCI-157)
  • Introduction to Social Work and Welfare (SOC-141)
  • Statistics II (MAT-124)
  • U.S. National Government (POS-220)