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Payment Plans

Middlesex County College offers a four-installment payment plan for the Fall 2020 term to provide a convenient option for payment of tuition. After the initial down payment of 25%, three payments will be due for the remaining 75% of your tuition and fees.

For the first time, we are offering a payment plan for the Summer 2020 term to provide a convenient option for payment of tuition. A down payment of 50% is required to enroll in the payment plan and the remaining 50% is due by June 1, 2020.

Enrollment in the plan requires a non-refundable enrollment fee of $25.00 that is added to your first payment. You may enroll in the plan at any time.

Fall 2020 Payment Plan

  • Enroll now and pay 25% of your tuition.
  • Second payment (25%) due September 9, 2020.
  • Third payment (25%) due October 9, 2020.
  • Final payment (25%) due November 9, 2020.

Summer 2020 Payment Plan

Enroll by April 30 and pay 50% of your bill, with the remaining 50% of the bill due June 1, 2020.

Plan Restrictions

Middlesex County College reserves the right to impose the following penalties for students who do not follow the Plan:

  • Cancel a student’s term schedule.
  • Cancel the student’s payment plan and require immediate payment of the student’s total financial obligation.
  • Prohibit registration and/or prohibit the receipt and transmission of transcripts (grades) until the student’s financial obligation is paid.
  • Reject any future Plan Applications submitted while a student’s account has a restriction indicating the student did not follow a previous Plan, as written.
  • Charge the student penalty fees for dishonored check and/or unpaid balance.
  • Refer the student’s account to a collection agency and/or take legal action with the understanding that all expenses and penalties incurred will be paid by the student.

To Enroll in the Plan:

  • Log into WebAdvisor
  • Click on Student Menu
  • Under Financial Information
  • Click on Create a Payment Plan