Modified Fall 2020 Schedule

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Payment Plans

Middlesex County College has moved to an electronic process for student bill notification. We will no longer be mailing paper bills. Bills can now be viewed online through Self-Service. Students are encouraged to review their bill online by following the navigation below.

Accessing Your Bills Online

  • Log into your Self-Service account under myMCC
  • Click on “Student Finance”
  • Click on “Account Activity”
  • Select term
  • Click on “View Statement”

While we will continue to accept many forms of payment, you can now pay your bill online via credit card and e-check.

We thank you for your patience as we update and implement new processes.

Questions? Call 732-906-2572, or email

Middlesex County College offers a four-installment payment plan for the Fall 2020 term to provide a convenient option for payment of tuition. After the initial down payment of 25%, three payments will be due for the remaining 75% of your tuition and fees.

Enrollment in the plan requires a non-refundable enrollment fee of $25.00 that is added to your first payment. You may enroll in the plan at any time.

Fall 2020 Payment Plan

  • Enroll now and pay 34% of your tuition.
  • Second payment (33%) due November 13, 2020.
  • Third payment (33%) due November 30, 2020.

Plan Restrictions

Middlesex County College reserves the right to impose the following penalties for students who do not follow the Plan:

  • Cancel a student’s term schedule.
  • Cancel the student’s payment plan and require immediate payment of the student’s total financial obligation.
  • Prohibit registration and/or prohibit the receipt and transmission of transcripts (grades) until the student’s financial obligation is paid.
  • Reject any future Plan Applications submitted while a student’s account has a restriction indicating the student did not follow a previous Plan, as written.
  • Charge the student penalty fees for dishonored check and/or unpaid balance.
  • Refer the student’s account to a collection agency and/or take legal action with the understanding that all expenses and penalties incurred will be paid by the student.

To Enroll in the Plan:

  • Log into WebAdvisor
  • Click on Student Menu
  • Under Financial Information
  • Click on Create a Payment Plan
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