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Student Registration and Financial Agreement

Registering, Adding, Dropping Courses, and Finances

Before the Term Begins

You may register, add, or drop courses online prior to the start of the term.

After the Term Begins

  • Adding a course online is no longer possible after the term begins. You much come in person to Enrollment Services, West Hall, to add a course after the term begins.
  • You may drop a course online after the term begins, but if you wish to add AND drop, we recommend you complete both transactions in person in Enrollment Services, West Hall.*

    *Note: Some students may require special approvals to drop classes after the term begins. If you are unable to drop online, submit your request via email to registration@middlesexcc.edu. Be sure to include your student ID and list the course(s) you wish to drop. Or, you may submit your drop request in-person to Enrollment Services, West Hall.

  • All students are subject to the Tuition Payment Schedule in effect for the term. Please note semester payment due dates. Pay your bill on or before the semester payment due date to avoid cancellation of your schedule.
  • Participants understand and accept full responsibility to pay tuition, fees and other associated charges assessed by registration of classes and/or receipt of services. In addition, failure by the student to pay the balance may lead to the College referring the delinquent account to a collection agency and it is a student’s responsibility to pay the collection agency fee cost incurred by the collection agency.
  • All students dropping courses are subject to the Semester Refund Schedule.
  • Important: dropping from courses may have an impact on financial aid and future eligibility for aid, as well as on other benefits such as: EOF, unemployment, employers, private scholarships/grants, athletic eligibility, and the Veteran’s Administration.