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Student Life
 Contact Information

Ode L. Hoppie

Email: student_life@middlesexcc.edu

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8:30am – 6:30pm

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Posting Procedures

The following guide is designed to allow registered student organizations, administrative and academic departments, individual students, and individual employees to properly post items on Middlesex County College property in a manner consistent with the mission of the college.


All display material must include:

  • Name of the sponsoring organization, department, or responsible individual.
  • Dates, time, location of program and contact information.
  • Mandatory Middlesex County College branding images.

In addition: 

  • Sponsors are responsible for the removal of materials after the date of the event. Materials not removed on a timely basis may result loss of future posting approval.
  • Materials must not be obscene or defamatory and must not violate College policy or federal, state, or local laws.
  • Any material not written in English requires an English translation to be kept on file with the Student Activities Office.


  • Posting is permitted on any tack strip or bulletin board located in campus buildings. Posting is not permitted on any bulletin boards designated to academic and campus departments.

General Guidelines

  • Campus groups need prior approval for posters or postings in compliance with the branding guidelines and this procedure. One copy of the poster should be given to the Student Activities office prior to posting and will be kept on file.
  • Commercial advertising and solicitation (such as trips, cars for sale, apartments or home rental, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Posters regarding the sale of text books and research studies are not allowed.
  • Posters promoting off-campus employment opportunities are not permitted. Use the online employment posting in the Career Services Office.
  • Posters or flyers must be affixed with thumbtacks and pushpins, not glue, staples, or tape. Only tack strips or bulletin boards in each building may be used for posting.
  • Posters or flyers are limited to one (1) per tack strip or bulletin board per event.
  • Posters or flyers may not be placed on the interior or exterior walls, floors, doors, windows, sidewalks, or on campus grounds.
  • Posting that violates the Code of Student Conduct is not permitted.


  • Using masking and duct tape or other adhesives (including paste, glue, and spray adhesive).
  • Using nails, staples, or other metal fasteners.
  • Attaching posters or flyers or spray painting on woodwork, walls, tress, doors, light/telephone poles, sidewalks/walkways, stairwells, vehicles, roads, grassy areas, windows/transparent surfaces, or other areas not expressly permitted through this procedure.
  • Posting messages or symbols on grassy areas.
  • Hanging banners on external surfaces without approval.
  • Causing damage to personal or college property.

Additional Restrictions and Requirements

  • Middlesex County College acknowledges that a procedure of this nature may not anticipate every possible issue that may arise with respect to on-campus posting. As a result, the college reserves the right to impose reasonable sanctions and/or requirements with respect to time, place, and manner of posting activities. These restrictions may be in addition to, or in lieu of, those set forth in this procedure.


  • Posting displayed in violation of this procedure will be removed regardless of content.


  • Sanctions for violation of this procedure includes, but are not limited to: loss of future posting and/or facilities use of privileges, other disciplinary sanctions, and other educational sanctions appropriate to the circumstances. Charges for cost of repair to campus facilities may be charged if damage is caused.

Middlesex County College reserves the right to update and amend this posting procedure at any time.