How to Prepare for ESL Testing

To get ready to take the English as a Second Language (ESL) Placement Test, you should:

  1. Find out what the test will be like, and what topics it will cover.
  2. Review the subjects and topics that you have learned in school or on your own.
  3. Middlesex County College uses some of the College Board’s ACCUPLACER tests for our ESL Placement Test. The placement test consists of:
  • ACCUPLACER WritePlacer ESL Essay Test (60 minutes long)
  • ACCUPLACER ESL Reading Skills Test
  • A short, in person interview with a member from the ESL, Language, and Cultures Department

You will not be allowed to have any electronic devices (e.g., cell phone, smart watch, hand held calculator, iPod, PDA, etc.) with you during the test.

To learn about the ACCUPLACER tests, and what they cover, visit the College Board’s ACCUPLACER website.  Also, read the four attachments listed below [“WritePlacer ESL Guide with Sample Essays (May 2010)”, “ACCUPLACER Sample Questions for Students (Revised October 2012)”, and “Answers to the ACCUPLACER ESL Reading Skills Sample Questions”. The website and documents will tell you how the ACCUPLACER computer adaptive tests work, as well as what topics each of them cover.

Once you know how the ACCUPLACER tests work, what subjects and topics are covered, and what the questions will be like, you should review the subjects and topics that you learned in school or on your own to prepare for the test. You should also practice talking and listening in English.

If you have an additional questions concerning the ESL Placement Test, please contact the Testing Center or theESL, Language, and Cultures Department.

ESL Placement Test Study Files: