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Middlesex College Theatre

Middlesex College offers a rewarding and challenging program in the theatre. Our program is designed to provide the student with the fundamentals necessary to understand theatre in theory and practice. Our students are guided through an academic program which integrates performance, production, and criticism. The performance opportunities and production assignments provide the student with a training ground where they can experience what has been taught in the classroom.

Middlesex College Theatre Department produces four shows annually, two larger productions in our 400 seat proscenium Main Stage Theatre, and two smaller shows in our intimate New Studio Theatre. Both facilities are equipped with state of the art equipment. Students are trained in the operation and artistic capabilities of each aspect of production equipment. The diversity of the two venues also gives our students the opportunity to experience the different performance techniques used in varied circumstances.

Tickets for performances can be purchased from the Box Office. For more information contact Chris Abbott, (732) 906 – 2612


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