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The Rocky Horror Show (2009)

Written by Richard O’brian

Directed by Tom Mc Neill and Scott Reagan

Musical Direction by Dimitri Namahampkin

Choreography by Amanda Katchisin

That sweet transvestite and his motley crew did the time warp on Broadway in a 25th anniversary revival. Complete with sass from the audience, cascading toilet paper and an array of other audience participation props, this deliberately kitschy rock ‘n’ roll sci fi gothic is more fun than ever.


Magenta (Melissa Carrion ) Science Fiction

Magenta (Melissa Carrion), Columbia ( Ali Acquefreda) Science Fiction

Magenta (Melissa Carrion), And Columbia ( Ali Acquefreda ) Science Fiction

Janet (Lauren Renahan) and Brad (Edwin Trent) Dammit Jannet

Phantom (Chris Abbott)

Riff Raff ( Daniel Gonzalez ) Time Warp

Columbia ( Ali Acquefreda ) Time Warp

Full Cast Time Warp

Columbia ( Ali Acquefreda ), Riff Raff ( Daniele Gonzalez ), Magenta ( Melissa Carrion )

Phantoms, Sweet Transvestite

Phantoms ( Jessica McClarity, Te’La Curtis, Sara Khashoggi) and Frank ( Hans Augustave ) Time Warp

Full Cast Time Warp

Columbia ( Alli Acquefreda ) and Eddie ( Bryan Murray ) Hot Patootie

Full Cast, Hot Patootie

The Creature ( Andy Rodgers ), Frank ( Hans Augustave )

Dr Scott ( Chris Guell ) and Full Cast, Eddis’s Teddy

Dr Scott ( Chris Guell ), Full Cast Eddies Teddy

Frank ( Hans Augustave ), Magenta ( Melissa Carrion ), Dr Scott ( Chris Guell ), and Brad ( Edwin Trent )

Narrator ( Jim Farley )

Brad ( Edwin Trent ), Columbia ( Alli Acquefreda ), Phantom ( Joey Nelan ), Frank ( Hans Augustave ), Janet ( Lauren Renahan ) Wild and untamed things

Full Cast, Wild and untamed Things

Full Cast, I’m Going Home

Frank ( Hans Augustave ), I’m Going Home

Frank ( Hans Augustave )

Full Cast, I’m Going Home

Brad ( Edwin Trent ), Narrator ( James Farley ), Janet ( Lauren Renahan ), Science Fiction

Magenta ( Melissa Carrion ) Science Fiction Reprise

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