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Tartuffe 2009

Written by Moliere

Directed By David Tyson

A con man by the name of Tartuffe pretends piousness and deceives a well-to-do gentleman named Orgon. Tartuffe tries to seduce Orgon’s wife, Elmire, and gets Orgon to sign over to him all of his property. The play revolves around the attempts by the family, friends, and household of Orgon (his wife Elmire, his brother-in-law Cléante, his son Damis, his daughter Mariane, Mariane’s fiancé Valère, and the maidservant Dorine) to unmask and get rid of Tartuffe

Cleant (Josh Bellan), and Tartuffe (Ryan Hanna)

Damis (Matt Tiegen), Cleant (Josh Bellan), Orgon (John Herron)

Cleant (Josh Bellan), Damis (Matt Tiegen), and Orgon (John Herron)

Valere (Joe Gillies) , and Mariane (Danielle Manete)

Orgon (John Herron), and Mariane (Danielle Manete)

Elmire (Erin McCort) and Orgon (John Herron)

Full Cast, Opening Tableau

Full Cast

Cleant (Josh Bellan), and Dorine (Jackie Alonso)

Orgon (John Herron), Tartuffe (Ryan Hanna), and Valere (Matt Tiegen)

Elmire (Erin McCourt) and Tartuffe (Ryan Hanna)

Full Cast

Full Cast

Valiere (Joe Gillies), and Mariane (Danielle Manente)

Cleant (Josh Bellan), Tartuffe (Ryan Hanna)

Orgon (John Herron), and Tartuffe (Ryan Hanna)