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Writing Center

Summer 2017 Hours:

Monday: 9am – 6pm
Tuesday: 9am – 6pm
Wednesday: 9am – 6pm
Thursday: 9am – 6pm
Friday: Closed

Location: The Johnson Commons Learning Center – IRC 241

The Middlesex County College Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring to all currently enrolled students. Whether faculty members recommend the tutoring or students decide to seek additional assistance on their own, the Writing Center will help students address their writing problems and guide them toward a better understanding of the writing process. Writing Center tutors are not editors: they will not grade, correct or re-do a student’s work; however, they will provide guidance, explain principles, and help each student communicate more effectively through the written word.


What to Expect

When a student who needs Writing Center services arrives in the Johnson Commons Learning Center, he or she should approach the front desk and request a “Tracking Form.” (The form is also available through the following link: Tracking Form.) The student will complete the top half of the form and clearly state the desired focus of the tutoring session. Then, the tutor will work with the student for approximately 20 minutes, focusing on the student’s stated need. The tutor might guide the student to additional resources to enhance his or her understanding of the writing issues discussed during the session. Lastly, the tutor might suggest a follow-up visit for additional review and practice.

Students should bring copies of their assignments, their texts and any other materials relevant to the completion of the writing assignment. The Writing Center staff has been instructed not to view any writing assignment that is due within six hours of the session, so students should plan their sessions far enough in advance.

Writing Center Philosophy

As both a physical and intellectual entity, the Middlesex County College Writing Center helps students seek advocacy in creating texts and cultivating the full strength of their thoughts and intentions: Physically, the academic community proudly situates, empowers and promotes the writing center; intellectually, the writing center nourishes the expression of ideas. When students interact with their coursework through formal and informal writing assignments, they are more likely to synthesize the material and enhance the learning process. The Middlesex County College Writing Center encourages all students to use the writing process as a foundation to cognitively discover how writing takes shape and can then be used to explore all academic subjects. In addition, the Center helps students to effectively engage in academic conversations by partnering with the Library staff to integrate information literacy with the critical thinking skills of reading and writing. Ultimately, the Writing Center advances the College’s mission to provide first-rate academic and support services as a means to promote lifelong learning opportunities for the community.