Frequently Asked Questions

The Post 9/11 GI Bill includes payment for your tuition and fees directly to MCC, a Monthly Housing Allowance, and an annual book/supplies stipend (both stipends paid directly to you). In order to determine how much of these benefits you are eligible for, you will want to find out what percentage of eligibility you have (for example: an individual with at least 36 months of active duty after 9/11/01 will be eligible for 100%, an individual with 90 days to 6 months of active duty would be eligible for 40% of the benefit), Finally, the selection of online/distance education courses can effect your eligibility for the Housing Allowance, specifically. You should determine whether or not online courses are right for you. In order to receive the Housing Allowance, you must be enrolled at a “rate of pursuit” of 51% or more, and in at least 1 “in residence” (in classroom) course. If you are eligible for 100% of the benefit, and a full-time student, for example, 100% of your tuition and fees will be paid to Middlesex. Additionally, you will receive 100% of the Monthly Housing Allowance and 100% of the $1,000 annual book stipend (paid per credit, per term, up to $1,000 annually).
You’ll need to fill out VA Form 22-1995 (“Request for Change of Program or Place of Training”) or VA Form 22-5495 (“Dependent’s Request for Change of Program or Place of Training”), if you are a dependent or a survivor of a veteran.
You have two options: You can complete an application for education benefits online through VONAPP, VA’s electronic application website, or complete a paper application, VA Form 22-1990 (“Application for Education Benefits”). For more information, go to You will need to apply to Middlesex County College and register for your classes before the Center for Veterans Services can certify your enrollment. You should begin by applying to MCC via the online application. You should also apply for Financial Aid through the FAFSA website at Once you are registered for classes, contact the Center for Veterans Services staff and they will help you continue this process.
Middlesex County College cannot make a determination on benefit eligibility. GI Bill programs change frequently, so it’s important to go directly to VA for questions about the programs. The toll-free VA GI Bill telephone number is: 1-888-442-4551 FREE (hit “1″ for touchtone and then “0″ to reach a counselor). You can also access the GI Bill website to read about VA benefits and education programs:
The Middlesex County College Center for Veterans Services is located in Edison Hall, Room 104.