Wireless Configuration for Windows

Wireless Configuration for Windows

This page is designed to help you configure your laptop or tablet to the secure networks at Middlesex County College.

1) Right click on the wireless icon  wireless icon  for available networks on your device


2) Click on Open Network and Sharing Center

Open Network and Sharing Center


3) Double click on Manually Connect To A Wireless Network.

Manually Connect to a Wireless Network


4) Enter the settings as outlined below, then click Next to continue.

Network Name: mccwireless if you are a student, mccstaff if you are a staff member.

Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise Encryption Type: AES

Manual Configuration Settings


5) In the Mccwireless Wireless Properties window, click on the Security tab. Ensure that Security Type is set to WPA2-Enterprise and Encryption Type is set to AES. Then click on the Settings button.

Manual Connection Security Settings


6) In the Protected EAP Properties window, remove the check mark from Validate Server Certificate. Click on the Configure button.

Protected EAP Properties


7) If there is a check mark in the box for Automatically use my Windows logon name and password, click in the box and remove it.

Click OK to close out of the window.

Automatically use my Windowns logon name and password


8) Click on the Advanced Settings button.

Select Advanced Settings


9) On the 802.1x settings tab, place a check mark in Specify Authentication. In the drop down box below it, select User Authentication. Click OK to close out, and then click OK to close out of the properties window.

802.1x Settings Tab


10) Click on the wireless icon for available networks on your device.


11) Select the network you have configured such as mccwireless for student and mccstaff for staff.


12) A log in box will appear. Ente r in your Wireless ID and password. Click OK.

Network Authentication


Note: If you are a student and do not know your login and password for mccwireless, you will need go to another device and log on to WebAdvisor and retrieve your wireless password from the Student Services, Wireless ID and password.

If you are a faculty member, you will use your Middlesex County College network login and password to access the mccstaff wireless network.

Students and faculty are welcome to visit IT Support Services in Center 3, Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm for assistance with configuring their devices.